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We are pretty keen on equity and solidarity at BrightStore. To us and our members this means everyone getting access to the same food, whatever their situation, and an understanding that some in our community might need more support than others.

Our membership system encourages solidarity, meaning those more financially stable can offer to pay a bit more than those who are struggling.

If you are financially stable, employed and can meet all of your basic needs e.g. buying food, paying for your housing, clothes and bills, you may want to consider making a solidarity donation in addition to your regular donation.

If you are struggling to make ends meet, are unemployed or long-term sick, have debts preventing you meeting your basic needs or you need support from the government or other services, and you feel you can’t pay the suggested donation, then you can pay what you can afford each week.

This commitment to equity and solidarity also extends to offering free places to those in a food emergency.


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